Bringing the Bible to the heart language of over 300 million people has greater potential with the involvement of IT professionals like you.

It’s no coincidence that the same year that Wycliffe adopted Vision 2025,* translator Bruce Waters had the idea for computer software that could greatly reduce translation time. The software, called Adapt It, enables mother-tongue translators to quickly adapt an existing Scripture translation into a high-quality first draft in a
related language. The translator then revises the draft and checks it with a translation consultant.

The North Tanna New Testament translation was completed in 2007 and may now serve as the source text for as many as three related languages in Vanuatu. The New Testament was translated into Whitesands in the 1800s, but now the majority of speakers are unable to understand it. Churches don’t use the existing translation,
and very few people have a basic knowledge of Scripture. Several cults and groups of other religions are present on the island, making it even more important for the Whitesands people to have God’s Word in a form that allows them to understand the truth. Having a modern translation in their own language would allow believers to grow in their faith and serve as an evangelism tool
for those who don’t already have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Whitesands adaptation was started in 2009 by Peter Ray, a mother-tongue translator and local pastor. Pastor Peter runs Adapt It and other translation software on a computer that runs on solar power, using a small generator as backup. Working via e-mail and occasional face-to-face visits with Wycliffe translation consultant Greg Carlson, Peter hopes to translate a third of the New Testament using Adapt It, completing the translation and typesetting it in less than 4 years.

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For His Glory,

Sam Parsons and Jim Leamer

Technology Mobilization

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