Welcome to the IT World of Wycliffe

Did you know that your Information Technology (IT) skills uniquely qualify you for involvement in the Great Commission? More than 2,300 languages representing over 200 million people with Bible translation needs. Unless they can get Scripture in the language that speaks directly to their hearts—their own mother tongue—they are limited in their spiritual growth. Millions more have only portions of the entire Bible. God created you with your IT expertise, and you can use those skills to help complete the task. Want to learn more?

The Great Commission and IT

Today's missionaries enter a world that is very different from the one that most missionaries knew even 30 years ago. The world now runs on information maintained by digital systems. Electronic communications, travel, media and the role of software in virtually everything you touch, from cars to watches to music to money, make IT the base for the global infrastructure. This is certainly true in the "developed" world, and is rapidly becoming the case in the developing world as well. Missionaries cannot function effectively without computers any more than those who send them.

The logistics and tools for communicating Christ to the world can be seen as a group of related tasks that manages information. The most important body of information that needs management is God's Word itself. That information from a language must be inputted, analyzed, script designed and programmed to work on computers and then delivered (in print or non-print form). There also is the people information management for all those who support the Scripture data collection process. We do not minimize the spiritual dimensions of getting the work done, but all this "data" still has to be physically handled and processed.

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