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The ITWOW part of this site is organized as a guided sequential tour of the Wycliffe IT side of Bible translation. Our goal is that Christian IT professionals in the United States can learn what they need to know about IT within missions— so they can learn how to employ their IT skills through Wycliffe to join us in the Bible translation task. We encourage you to take the tour as you are in the process of contacting us. It will answer the majority of your initial questions and help you make informed decisions about possible involvement with Wycliffe.

From here, you will get a glimpse of:

The many ways computing serves the Bible translation process.

The ways you can use your professional IT background and experience to help move Bible translation forward.

To take the tour (or rejoin it), just click one of the links in the Following the Tour block at the bottom of each page. You can also go to other places on this site using the navigation tree at left.


Attend an IT Conference

You can network with IT missionaries and hear their stories at a Check-IT-Out conference. To learn more or to register, please visit the Check-IT-Out site.


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