Christ in your life...

When you believe in Jesus and become a child of God, the Holy Spirit comes into your life, giving you the power to obey Christ’s commands to abide in Him, to love others, and to bear fruit. Look for evidence that you are making a priority of knowing Christ and reflecting Him through your words and actions. This way of life requires sacrifices and a commitment to pursuing holiness.


Scripture to explore: John 14–15, Romans 12, Galatians 5:1, Ephesians 4:17–5:21, 1 Peter 3:15–16


Wycliffe expects …

that you are pursuing spiritual disciplines such as regular prayer, Bible study, and worship.

that you are maintaining an exemplary standard of ethics and conduct that reflects biblical principles, honors Christ, and builds up His body of believers.

…that if married, you are faithful to your spouse and maintaining a healthy, growing relationship.

…that if single, you are practicing abstinence from sexual activity.

…that you have demonstrated your commitment to sexual purity for at least one year prior to application.

…that if you have been indicted for or convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, it has been at least three years since its resolution, and that during this time you have been living a moral, lawful, and ethical lifestyle. (Past convictions can affect eligibility for certain assignments.)