Do you habitually use alcohol or prescription drugs*?

In order to begin application with Wycliffe, freedom from habitual intoxication, impairment or abuse of these items is expected for at least the last three years.

We realize that some habits are hard to break, especially substance addictions. These can resurface under the stresses of missionary life due to differences in culture and language, and tensions with colleagues. Someone sharing about his or her past experience with these habits and demonstrating freedom from these habits lets us know that the person knows his or her own weaknesses. It also shows us that the person is actively protecting himself or herself and avoiding compromising situations that could lead back to the addiction.

Victory and Freedom

We encourage people not to try and fight this battle alone. Satan would love to get someone isolated so he can wear them down and devour them. He will use any tactic he can to take a person out of the action. We encourage accountability to a spiritual mentor who is willing to ask the tough questions and is willing to do whatever, whenever, when necessary. We want to see everyone victorious and free!

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*Please note that we are only concerned about the abuse of prescription drugs, not the legal and legitimate use of doctor-prescribed medications, regardless of duration.